So… this Higgs fella…

I feel like I should be writing something about this Higgs stuff, as it’s pretty big news for scientists everywhere, whether interested in particle physics or not. These kinds of discoveries tend to develop huge implications for very different areas of science.

My challenge, though, is to get through this without mentioning the dreaded G-word. Exotic as it is, and much as I love it in a magical sense, it tends to annoy me in scientific talk for some reason. The goddamn thing.

So what happened at CERN that was so amazing?


Well done, guys.

At a frequency of 126 GeV, with 5 sigma certainty (that means highest certainty) on the 4th of July 2012, the Higgs was discovered. It’s another reason to celebrate the 4th July, eh?

Time to rewrite the books.