Top Tunes To Watch The World End By

I was thinking about this a lot today, after a conversation with a friend. What songs would I want to listen to if I thought the world were ending? Would I want to get into the apocalypse and disaster theme? Hell yes.

Let’s have a bit of fun, and pretend the tales of impending doom surrounding tomorrow the 21st December are true. If the world is ending, at least we can have a good time and pretend that we’re the stars of some day after the day before nonsense Hollywood film. But caution: let’s not start believing it’s actually true! So without further ado, here’s my list of Top Tunes.

1. Apocalypse Please – by Muse.

This is a classic. The frenetic piano and the thudding, marching drumbeat with Bellamy’s plaintive wailing make this a distinct and no-holds-barred contender on the list.

2. Apocolips – by Turin Brakes.

Okay, this may just be my favourite. I’ll be the clouds, you’ll be the rain. Hey, we’ll find another way. I’ll help take away all your pain. The enunciation is slightly off-kilter and just perfect. The mood is one of sombre and jittery anticipation. Flowers by the roadside is all that is left you can feel your hands feel your pockets for your last breath. God it’s the best!

3. Reign – by UNKLE.

A song full of feeling. A personification of the storm. A feeling of being caught unawares by it. You thought a different day had come… With gentle orchestral strings culminating in a symphony of strained sound, it’s well worth a listen

4. The Catalyst – by Linkin Park.

I really like the Thousand Suns album by Linkin Park. Influenced by the Japanese atom bombings, it’s so different from their usual nu-metal fare and – such emotion! The Catalyst is strained and almost distressing, proper end-of-world fare, all the more emotive because of the real-world catastrophic roots in which it is based.

5. Apocalypse – by Neva Dinova.

Just put it on and listen to the lyrics. It will chill you.

6. The Finish Line – by Snow Patrol.

Another slow-onset one like Neva Dinova’s. Listen to the lyrics and relax. It’s beautiful.

7. Spirit of Survival – by Yes.

This one is a more positive song – depicting a struggle of sorts, the desire to live on in a world shunned by the gods. This gets in the top ten for its epic soundtrack, mixing a real orchestra with the prog prowess of Yes. It’s a good nine minutes but it’s worth it. Did I mention it was epic?

8. When The World Ends – by the Dave Matthews Band (Oakenfold remix).

I love the Oakenfold remix of this song! It’s actually from one of the Matrix soundtracks, and it really delivers on the apocalyptic front.

9. 6 to 8 – by AFI.

Six figures enter, they’ve come to destroy the world… A soulful AFI number here.  The whole song is a gradual crescendo from delicate, haunting guitar work to echoey rock with a punk chorus. Many, many good feels!

10. Doomsday – by Nero.

Now to finish up why don’t we have some fun, silly all-round epic dubstep? No? Well tough. Doomsday by Nero is my final choice. I can totally imagine Morpheus’s followers rocking out to this one in Zion.

Other songs that deserve a mention but didn’t quite make it to my top ten:

  • Witness – by Show of Hands
  • When The Sea Comes – by Duels
  • Radiation – by I Am Kloot
  • The Tempest – by Pendulum
  • The 2nd Law: Isolated System – by Muse
  • The Sky Is Falling – by Thrice
  • The Furies – by Duels
  • Fly on a Windshield – by Genesis
  • Rapture – by Laura Veirs

I have made this a Spotify playlist if anybody would like to have a listen!
Here is the Spotify URI: Songs To Watch The World End By


What apocalypse songs would YOU like to listen to at the end of the world? Make a suggestion and I can add it to the playlist!

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