An introduction

I’m Holly and I write stuff. I also like geology and exploring – particularly, sailing tall ships and climbing volcanoes. Although I had a pretty unconventional childhood spent being relocated from country to country (yep, military family), I spent my earliest years in Malaysia surrounded by lush forest and disconnected from technology, while most of my school days were spent in the nowhere parts of the South of England at the turn of the century. The world that I knew and that I read about in geography books was a place where it was completely plausible for fantasy and reality to collide – the good parts and the bad – and the older I get, the more I find it still is. I’m not done exploring and I’m not done writing stories. Nor reading other people’s stories, for that matter. There’s so much out there, both real and imagined, and I genuinely think education can change the future for the better.

My writing often includes scientific topics, the mythological side of fantasy (particularly those god-myths inspired by natural disasters and events), worlds that allow me to explore certain geologies and climates, and, quite often, a look at illness and the human psyche.

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