Holy moly writing fest, Batman!

So it’s holy because, well, Easter, and there’s also been a ton of writing in the past few days. I am still healing from surgery but it’s going great, and am back at work, attending art class, and gaming nights round friends’ houses once again.

I lost the urge to write when I was stuck at home gaming on me tod, but then something interesting happened. I have been trying to write this time-travel short story for ages, and was getting hung up over the dénouement and the plot threads, when I played a videogame that pretty much used one of the story options I had (hint: it’s Fallout 4). And man, did it make me angry! Not because they used it instead of me, but because they managed to make me so caught up in the story that I properly took on the feelings of the main character. And main character was heartbroken, in denial, angry, and so was I. It fired me up to finish my time travel story, and I used one of the other story options instead (the depressing option instead of the anger-inducing option – not that either of them are that much better from each other, but hopefully will make people feel some kind of strong emotion). Nine thousand words later and the story’s submitted to an anthology. I wonder if it will get in.

But even if not, I feel pretty driven again.

This week art classes are back on, as is writing group, and we’re doing something pretty excited for the latter – I’ll be using my graphic design skills to assist the group in doing an on-the-fly cover design. Many of us in the group are interested in self-publishing at some point, so why not use a field of specialisation I already have to help them out? Plus it’ll be mega fun to experiment as a group and see what we come up with. I have no idea what the story we’ll be using as a basis will be, but I do know it’ll be something original from one of the members!

Finally, the Bath Novel Award deadline is coming up. I got my edits of City of Dis back from my old editor, so I’m polishing that to send in, and will probably send in Trees in November too if I feel I can get the writing quality up to scratch.

I may have to go and eat a ton of chocolate eggs now, because I ended up with far too many.

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