A tribute to Chris Squire

One year since Chris Squire passed away. Not just one of the founding members of Yes, but the only member to stay in the band throughout their entire 60-year run until last year, his own death being the only reason for ever missing a gig. A beautiful and inspirational person who never stopped writing wondrous stories… Chris Squire, your music was a shining light in the darkest points of my childhood, you were my biggest bass inspiration, and you will always be missed.


Seriously, look at this fabulous, talented man and his multiple amazing bass guitars.

The video below is one of the few examples where he sang lead in addition to playing bass.

Can you imagine what it’s like seeing life
From the other side
Do you imagine darkened light, starless night
You might need a guide

And will the illusion confuse you, play with your thoughts
And alter your mind
Or become a delusion, include you
Change your existence for another kind

See what you see for yourself
‘Til your heart is open wide
Wish what you wish for yourself, and you’ll find it there
And you’ll believe it, and you’ll believe it

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