Good Things And Not So Good Things About Dundee

I come from Dundee, in a far-removed sort of way; both my parents are from there. My impressions of Dundee are always rather miserable – there’s a reason my parents moved away!  – but I mean miserable in that kind of appealing, affectionate Scots way. So, anyway. It’s a depressing city of grey stone and gloom. So I thought I would make a list of good things and not so good things about Dundee, and weigh it up.

Did you know that the name Dundee comes from the Gaelic dun and , meaning FORT OF FIRE, and the city is in fact surrounded by extinct volcanoes. Sort of. That actually makes it pretty badass.

Good things that have come out of Dundee.

  • Oor Wullie and The Broons.
  • The Dandy and The Beano.
  • That university observatory that made those really cool images of Britain in the 2009 Big Snow.
  • Camperdown Park. CAMPERDOON! It has a pirate ship playpark! Who could forget this place? (It’s probably a lot smaller than I remember it…)
  • The Discovery, the ship that took Scott to the Antarctic.
  • Dundee Cake!

Not so good things that have come out of Dundee.

  • The Strathmore, which sank in 1875 and killed a load of people.
  • The Tay Bridge rail disaster, which also killed a load of people.
  • Which in turn inspired William McGonagall’s godawful poem about it, reportedly the worst in history.
  • The 1906 fire, which reportedly had rivers of burning whisky running through the streets.
  • The grey brick that’s used to make practically every building in the city.
  • The terrible, terrible comic-book font ‘City of Discovery’ sign at the city entrance.

Just noticed, someone has very kindly archived a load of not-so-good things about Dundee on this webpage:
I am much obliged to them.

(It’s not that bad really…)